Pro Energo DOO

Pro-energo is a company engaged in project design and implementation, engineering and consulting services. The primary focus of the company is PROfessionalism in PROjects fire PROtection and energy efficiency (ENERGO). This young and dynamic company gathers licensed engineers in various fields (electro, construction, mechanical, technology, chemistry engineers, architects, protection at work, fire protection ) who support a common idea: DIGNITY OF PEOPLE, BEST SERVICE, TOP-QUALITY PRODUCTS. 

Company has extensive knowledge and experience with laws, technical rules and standards in the domain of planning and building, fire protection, protection and health at work and other international, EU, national and local technical regulations. Company has expanded business activities throughout Europe, and closely cooperate with partners such as Electrawinds Belgium , Cymbria Heid GMBH – Austria, OAG Germany, Bios and Biogest from Austria, Farmina Italy, IGB automotive comp. - Germany.




No   Description  Client/Investor
 1.    The main project of fire protection and study of the danger zones for building alcoholic extraction   “Sojaprotejin” AD, Serbia
2.    Complete project-technical documentation for Facility manufacturing plant PTB I PEAB  “Sojaprotejin” AD, Serbia
3.  Cooperation with "Elektrawinds" from Belgium in all development projects in Serbia: wind farms, geothermal energy ... “Electrawinds”, Belgium 
4.  Complete project-technical documentation for first rendering plant in Serbia complied with both Serbian and European standards  “Energo Zelena”, Serbia (Electrawinds”, Belgium)
5.  Cooperation with "BIOGEST" Austria on the design documentation for the plant to produce electricity and thermal energy in the biogas power up to 1 MW.  “Bio Eco Elektro”, Serbia
6.  Cooperation with the "OAG" Austria on the design documentation for the plant to produce electricity and thermal energy in biogas power up to 1 MW-Ilandža  “Biogas Energy “, Serbia
7.  The main project of fire safety in the biomass boiler.   “Tarkett”, Serbia
8.  Preparation of technical documentation for the biogas plant in Bač rated power 4 X 650 kW   “Fermgas” , Czech Republic
9.  Design of fire protection for the new building of the Rectorate   University of Novi Sad, Serbia
10.  Technical documentation for factory of pet food.   “Farmina Pet Foods” ,Serbia
11.  Preparation of project documentation for the plant to produce el. and thermal energy in the biogas power up to 1 MW-Nova Crnja.   “Peter Thems” Germani
12.  The main electrical installation project and main design of fire protection   “IGB Automative Comp”, Serbia
13.  Making a guide for the construction of power plants to renewable energy sources and published activities of electricity or thermal energy in the Republic of Serbia. “Victoria Group” AD, Serbia
14.  Complete technical documentation for thermal power plants to biomass    “Victoria Starch” Serbia
15.  Technical documents for obtaining IPPC permits( According IPPC Directive)   “Victoria Oil” Serbia
16.  Preparation of technical documentation for cogeneration plant “KIKINDA GORENJE” rated power 995 kW   “NIS” AD Serbia
17.  Fire Protection Plan for the manufacturing plant for processing of old lead-acid batteries   “Monbat PLC” Serbia