About us 


Insert Development is industrial property development firm, founded and operated by three partners: INSERT DOO, PRO ENERGO DOO, and MP and Associates DOO. Our focus is to to identify, take over and develop appropriate industrial and green-field sites throughout Serbia. We have available through our contacts a pool of developed and undeveloped industrial land and industrial premises with strategic geographic positions near Serbia’s big cities, and at the intersection of the European transportation corridors 10 and 7. These incorporate highway routes Thessaloniki - Belgrade - Zagreb, Belgrade - Novi Sad - Subotica, and Nis - Sofia. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and strategies before choosing their site, and we pay close attention to the municipality and legal jurisdiction within which our clients are proposing to locate. We always provide our clients with physical alternatives so senior management can make informed, logical and successful location decisions for offices, plants, warehouses and other facilities. 

Project managers, lawyers, financial experts and engineers working with us all have international experience and are thoroughly familiar with modern international business and construction practice. We offer the full range of development and construction services to our clients, be they foreign or local businesses or investors. We introduce world class standards of service to the region, both assisting our clients with the development and construction aspects of their investments, relying on unparalleled investment, construction and real estate consultancy insight. 


Company structure 

Insert Development is established as a partnership by three founding companies: Insert DOO, Beograd, MP and Associates, Beograd, and PRO Energo, Novi Sad.

Companies forming Insert Development are operating across Serbia, Italy, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with close associations and relationships in the United Kingdom. Each company is briefly presented in separate section below. 


Excerpt from recent experience 


As an case study of Insert Development turn-key development of industrial facility, we note shoe factory located in Municipality of Ruma. Main features: 


  • Turn-key tupe of development (Developer procured land, developed technical documentation, obtained permits and conducted all construction works) 
  • Size of the industrial property: 3 500 m2 
  • Time of construction 7 months. Construction permit obtained in December 2012, facility finished and started operations in June 2013.